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Our premium bottarga is hand crafted in small batches to ensure freshness. Experience our top quality product, order today!

Bottarga orders come with 2 roe per box, 12 OZ total waxed weight. Bubble wrapped for secure transport, and includes free shipping in the USA and Canada. 


Storage instructions and serving suggestions are included.

For those of you that are new to bottarga, here are some tips on what to expect, and how to discern the quality and freshness of the product:

1) The bottarga should arrive sealed in it's original wax coating. We take the time to add extra layers of wax in order to ensure maximum freshness, as well as keep the light out. As opposed to some companies that vacuum seal their bottarga in plastic, our bottarga will retain it's original color, instead of turning very dark, as is often the case with some inferior vendors.

2) Bottarga should be pale orange to deep amber in color. Occasionally, some may be a bit darker, sort of reddish brown by nature.

3) Bottarga should not be over dried. When slicing thin with a sharp knife, the slices should remain whole, and not crumble.

4) While bottarga has quite a strong flavour, it should not smell overly fishy or musty, nor should it taste overly bitter.

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We hope our commitment to providing premium quality bottarga, along with our secure online shopping site, gives you the confidence to purchase our product. We are confident you'll enjoy our bottarga as much as we do!